Greater Dayton Crochet Guild



  2017 Calendar GDCG

  Meeting at Huber Heights Library

   6:00 -8:00 PM


   January 2nd - Stitch In - The Library is closed on the 2nd - Thus we will not have a formal meeting. 

   Please make rectangles for a Warm Up America joining party in February. (Location to be announced later)


    February - the Library in huber has another class happening that evening so we will hopefuly be doing a Joining for Warm Up America Blankets.


   March 6th  – Camel Crochet Revisited -(taught by Brandy & Annette)

        March 25th  –    Warm Up America Blanket joining  with My Brothers Keeper Quilt Group  9am 

         Bath Presbyterian Church  4624 Bath Road, Huber Heights, OH 45424                                                   

   April 3rd -  Stitch In -


   May 1st -Knooking  -(taught by Annette)


   June – 5th – Stitch In -(Maybe beginning thread crochet-taught by Melody)


   July 3rd- Beyond the Basics Tunisian (taught by Brandy)

            Happy Independance Day!


   August –7st –- Broomstick Lace -(taught by Pam)


   September – NO MEETING -(Labor Day is on the 1st Monday  SO...

               We Will see you at the WOOL GATHERING –


     October – 9th – Anigurumi (taught by Stephanie) we couldn't get the room for the 1st Monday so we will meet on October 9th. 



    November – 6th – Stitch In 


    December – 4th – Stitch In – Finish Christmas Items in Secret



                  We are cancelled if weather is bad


      2018 Calendar

       Pending Availability at the Library- We can request the room in 3 month increments. 

If weather is bad we are cancelled

January 8th - Stitch In- We will begin our service project for WUA - 7x9's )
February 5th- Work on Service project
March 5th - Irish Crochet- Taught by Annette
(you will need:  #10 cotton and a steel hook - either a # 7,8,9 or 10. # 7 being the largest size and #10 being the smallest size)
April 2nd - Mandala Bun Cover or Pillow- Taught by Brandy
(you will need: several colors of yarn and a recommended hook for the size yarn you pick).
May 7th- Stitch In 
June 4th - Bosnian Crochet - Taught by Annette
(you will need: sport weight or baby yarn (variegated makes a pretty project) and an 'F' hook)
July 2nd - Stitch In 
August 6th - Stitch in - Finish Date for WUA service project
October 1st - Edging  - Taught by Brandy
(you will need: yarn, hook and beads)
November 5th - Stitch In
December 3rd - Stitch In

We are cancelled if weather is bad